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english carpet - The Figure

The Figure in the Carpet (Webster's English Thesaurus Edition)

The Figure in the Carpet (Webster's English Thesaurus Edition)

Designed for school districts, educators, and students seeking to maximize performance on standardized tests, Webster's paperbacks take advantage of the fact that classics are frequently assigned readings in English courses. By using a running thesaurus at the bottom of each page, this edition of The Figure in the Carpet by Henry James was edited for students who are actively building their vocabularies in anticipation of taking PSAT?, SAT?, AP? (Advanced Placement?), GRE?, LSAT?, GMAT? or similar examinations.
PSAT? is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation neither of which sponsors or endorses this book; SAT? is a registered trademark of the College Board which neither sponsors nor endorses this book; GRE?, AP? and Advanced Placement? are registered trademarks of the Educational Testing Service which neither sponsors nor endorses this book, GMAT? is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admissions Council which is neither affiliated with this book nor endorses this book, LSAT? is a registered trademark of the Law School Admissions Council which neither sponsors nor endorses this product. All rights reserved.

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"I've Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Girl."

"I've Been a Bad, Bad, Bad Girl."

I went into our living room last night to discover a purse theft.

Well, actually a theft of my hair brush and Kleenex from my purse. The purse, itself, is to the left of this photo on a table that Ms. H. has direct access if she jumps up on the soft.

Per her usual, she chews things up, but never swallows. Her favorite chew toy of choice that is not a chew toy are sticks - plain, old ordinary sticks that she brings into the house through the doggy door.



Iranian carpet design - in the Islamic and Turkish art museum off the Hippodrome, which is well worth visiting. The ethnographic department on the lower floor has lots of information (in English and Turkish) but is rather poorly presented, though I enjoyed the room-sets of 19th century Istanbul houses. But the main museum is really marvellous, with carpets going back to the thirteenth century and some lovely frescoes from Seljuk times.

english carpet

english carpet

A century of carpet and rug making in America

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

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Kazak Rug - Carpet On Line

Kazak Rug

kazak rug

    kazak rug
  • (Kazak Rugs) (Floor Covering) Caucasian, of coarse weave, Ghiordiz knot, coarse wool pile. Characteristic are the brilliant colours-red, green and yellow supported by blue, brown and white-and large bold patterns of many varieties. The border may have from three to five stripes.

kazak rug - Fiberlok Snowflake

Fiberlok Snowflake Kazak MouseRug, Hand Washable Mouse Pad & Desk Protector.

Fiberlok Snowflake Kazak MouseRug, Hand Washable Mouse Pad & Desk Protector.

Manufactured with the amazingly beautiful and intricate Lextra Fiber Graphics technology. Printed without using ink the Lextra process uses high voltage electricity to drive soft dyed nylon fibers into detailed designs that feel wonderfult to the touch. Hand-washable Lextra collections include MouseRugs (mouse pads), and CoasterRugs (coasters) that are manufactured with genuine fringe. Another well-defined group of Caucasian rugs comes from the famous Kazak area around Lake Sewan, in the southwest Caucasus. Field designs of Sewan Kazak rugs present various versions of large, dramatic, central, shield-like, cruciform medallions. Thus, they are also traditionally called Shield Kazaks. Bold and well proportioned, this example shows the addition of multiple, tiny, red and white diamonds, asymmetrically scattered throughout the field. This unique design is commonly called a "snowflake design," and is highly prized by antique Caucasian rug collectors.

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Antique Bakshaish Persian Rug #41942 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Bakshaish Persian Rug #41942 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Bakshaish Persian Rug #41942 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Bakshaish Persian Carpet (Bakhshaish or Bakhshaysh) - An allover pattern of bold, graphic medallions in soft reds, blues, apricots, and saffron unfolds across the deep cocoa field of this spectacular antique Bakshaish. Indeed the cocoa ground almost seems to form a secondary allover star pattern. Although all these design elements are of classical Persian derivation, the drawing and articulation the forms has the abstract clarity and impact of the finest Kazak or Konya rugs. The boldness of the field is beautifully balanced by the fine scale and drawing of the classical turtle border on an ivory ground. Bakshaishes are generally prized for such qualities, but even among its type, this example is exceptional.

Antique Kazak Prayer rug

Antique Kazak Prayer rug

ANTIQUE KAZAK PRAYER RUG dated 1873 (sold for €900) - September, 24th 2005

The Ebay buyer (an antique dealer) left the following feedback: "very beautiful rug. Fast shipping"

kazak rug

kazak rug

Handmade Asian Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug 4'3"x15'9"

Enhance the beauty of any room with a quality Oriental Rug from Oscar Isberian Rugs, a company which has been owned and operated by the same family since 1920. Our Rug Specialists travel to countries all over the world including India, Pakistan, Turkey, Nepal and Armenia to assemble the finest and most comprehensive selection of Oriental Rugs. Purchasing rugs in large quantities overseas allows us to pass the savings on to our customers. With retail locations in the Chicago area, in addition to our online store, we are ready to serve your needs for many years to come. By providing the finest in sales and cleaning for over 90 years, Oscar Isberian Rugs is synonymous with quality and care. Oscar Isberian Rugs: Winner of the "National Rug Retailer of the Year" award.

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Maslin Carpet

maslin carpet

  • A mixture of different kinds of grain, usually wheat and rye, especially when sown together. Mainly found in the 17th century when agriculture began growing wheat rather than rye for ‘bread corn’. Sowing maslin was seen as a precaution against failure of the wheat crop.

  • A mixture composed of different materials; especially: (a) A mixture of metals resembling brass, (b) A mixture of different sorts of grain, as wheat and rye; A vessel made of maslin; Composed of different sorts; as, maslin bread, which is made of rye mixed with a little wheat

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

maslin carpet - Global Warming:

Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

Global Warming: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

Global warming is arguably the most critical and controversial issue facing the world in the twenty-first century, one that will affect every living creature on the planet. It is also an extraordinarily complex problem, which everyone needs to understand as clearly and completely as possible. This Very Short Introduction provides a concise and accessible explanation of the key aspects of global warming. Mark Maslin discusses how and why changes are occurring, sets current warming trends in the context of past climate change, examines the predicted impact of global warming, as well as the political controversies of recent years and the many proposed solutions. Fully updated for 2008, this compelling account offers the best current scientific understanding of global warming, describing recent developments in US policy and the UK Climate Change Bill, where we now stand with the Kyoto Protocol, and the latest findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Maslin also includes a chapter on local solutions, reflecting the now widely held view that, to mitigate any impending disaster, governments as well as individuals must to act together.

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Maslin's Cliffs

Maslin's Cliffs

Maslin Beach is Australia's first official nudest beach. Kind of a voyueristic occupation hanging around at the top of the cliffs with a camera, lol ;-)

Maslin's Cliffs, looking toward Perkana Point, Maslin Beach, Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

NRM - 3a maslins beach bc

NRM - 3a maslins beach bc

maslins beach, southern suburban coastline of adelaide, south australia

taken on behalf of the adelaide and mount lofty ranges natural resource management board, coastal management branch

photograph by bill doyle

maslin carpet

maslin carpet

Demeyere Resto MASLIN PAN

82930 Features: -Lid included -Welded 18/10 stainless steel handles -Suitable for all types of hobs: gas, electric, induction -Suitable for oven -Fits on deep stockpot with same diameter -High edge helps avoid boiling over -Unique polishing method called Silvinox for superior and shiny finish Specifications: -Dimensions: 6.9'' H x 9.4'' W -Volume: 10.6-Quarts -Material: Triplinduc -Warranty: 30 year's guarantee (10 year's for professional use) -Cleaning and care: Dishwasher-resistant with a surface treatment (Silvinox) for long lasting durability -Specially Ordered from Belgium

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New Carpet Allergy : Carpets Fitted : Celebration Rug 4x6.

New Carpet Allergy

new carpet allergy

  • A damaging immune response by the body to a substance, esp. pollen, fur, a particular food, or dust, to which it has become hypersensitive

  • An antipathy

  • hypersensitivity reaction to a particular allergen; symptoms can vary greatly in intensity

  • (allergic) characterized by or caused by allergy; "an allergic reaction"

  • (allergic) having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor); "allergic children"; "hypersensitive to pollen"

  • A large rug, typically an oriental one

  • A floor or stair covering made from thick woven fabric, typically shaped to fit a particular room

  • rug: floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)

  • cover completely, as if with a carpet; "flowers carpeted the meadows"

  • A thick or soft expanse or layer of something

  • form a carpet-like cover (over)

Noise and Tension

Noise and Tension

Photo shows young runners react to the start gun during the United States outdoor athletics championships at the Mike A. Carroll Stadium in Indianapolis, main city of State of Indiana located in the mid-western region of the United States of America on 24th June 2007.

[This is an extraction from Chapter 18, Pages 101-104 of the book “Mental Tension and Its Cure” - Third Edition 1986, authored by Prof. (Dr.) O.P. Jaggi. Prof. (Dr.) O.P. Jaggi is a Physician of international repute in the field of chest Medicine, Asthma and Allergy. He was the Director of Vallabhai Patel Chest Institute, New Delhi, Dean Faculty of Medical Science, Delhi University, and Governor. He is the author of over seventy books including an authoritative 18 volume series on History of Science and Technology in India. His research papers have appeared in several international and national journals. He has over 50 years of experience in patient care, research etc.]

In India, since ancient times, there has been a tradition that those who want to have mental concentration or worship God for prolonged periods, go into the loneliness of the forests. There, away from human habitation and amidst the peace-giving sound of flowing water and melodious singing of birds, they find tranquillity of mind essential for concentration and meditation.

The things have changed now. Last summer I went to out-of-the-way hills for a few days. One day, I went kilometres together inside the forests and sat there in a lonely, beautiful place. All at once, the tranquillity around was shattered by the jarring noise of a transistor radio tunes to Vividh Bharati proclaiming ‘Mody Dhage, Mody Dhage’ – a symbol of the clattering industrial invasion of our environment from which one cannot escape.

Inside the city, it is free-for-all. When people make a telephone call, it appears that they have no faith in the efficacy of the instrument.

Some young men on purpose remove the silencer from their scooter and go tearing away the atmosphere and the people’s eardrums. You have to put your palms on the ears and yet you feel as if you have been hit to pieces.

Then there are the jagrans of the devotees, who earn for themselves nice things in this life and a place in the heavens after death, but take away from others hard-earned night’s sleep.

Harmful Effects

Exposure to noise tells upon the health. Very loud noise of 150 decibles (a unit of sound), can cause a rash under the collar, in between the fingers and the thighs. Eardrums may get ruptured. It can cause giddiness and nausea.

Exposure to over 100 decibles for a few hours, lessens efficiency and makes one more prone to accidents. It makes one aggressive and quarrelsome. Even in those who are sleeping, exposure to loud noise causes a disturbance in their brain waves as recorded by the electroencephalogram.

Lately, a few other observations regarding the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to loud noise have been observed. It can lead to irregular or faster pulse beats, enlarged hearts and increase in blood cholesterol. It causes mental fatigue, irritability, and precipitates or aggravates mental tension and neurosis.

Most disturbing observation is that loud noise increases heart rate of the foetus inside the abdomen of a pregnant mother. This may cause irreparable damage to the unborn baby.

Noise is one of the pollutants of our environment. It is on the increase. Trucks, buses and cars on the road, the trains on their tracks, the jet aeroplanes in sky, they all are producing more and more of noise as their number is increasing. Haphazard growth of the cities, in spite of the efforts of the city planners, is bringing small and large industries beside or inside the residential areas. The transistors, the radios, and the loudspeakers make their own contribution. Much noise comes from people as well, a vast majority of whom are not aware that by speaking loudly, they are being a nuisance.

Noise Control

If there is any doubt at all as to whether a noise hazard exists in a factory, the following questions might give answer :

1. Do workers find it difficult to speak to one an other in a noisy environment?

2. Have workers complained of head-noises or ringing in the ears after working for several hours?

3. Do workers exposed to the noise for several hours, experience temporary deafness?

4. Have workers been told by their families that they are going deaf?

5. Is the labour turnover in noisy workshop considered to be excessive?

6. Has management any suspicion that noise is affecting efficiency or output?

7. Have any complaints of excessive noise been received from adjoining residents?

Good mental and physical health requires that exposure to loud noise should be minimised on the roads, inside the factories, at construction sites and inside residential buildings.

Noise produced inside the factories is very harmful for the workers as they are continually exposed to it for years together. It is detrimental to t

*Dangerous* beauty...(^-^;)

*Dangerous* beauty...(^-^;)


Anyone know the name of this flower?
Been recording my flowers and taking photos of them,since I started gardening.AND.....
I forgot to put it on my flower list when I planted it last year.(^-^;)
I finally got the info I need for this one and thanks for the hint.Here is the info about this flower that I
Updated June 27,2 days after posting it.

Primula obconica

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Order: Ericales

Family: Primulaceae

Genus: Primula

Common Name: German primrose?Poison primrose

Height: 18-20 in.

Bloom Season: Spring

Colors:purple, yellow, red, pink, or white

Conditions: Partial Shade

A type of Candelabra Primrose with whorls of 1 in. white flowers on sturdy stems. Self-seeds freely.

Primula is a genus of 400–500 species of low-growing herbs in the family Primulaceae. They include primrose, auricula, cowslip and oxlip. Many species are grown for their ornamental flowers. They are native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere, south into high altitude tropical mountains in Ethiopia, Indonesia and New Guinea, and are also found in temperate southern South America.

Perennial primulas bloom mostly during the spring; their flowers can be purple, yellow, red, pink, or white. Generally, they prefer filtered sunlight. Many species are adapted to high alpine climates.

Both the common name and scientific name refer to it being the first (prime) "rose" to open in spring.

Primroses are used as food plants by the larvae (caterpillars) of some Lepidoptera species, including Duke of Burgundy butterfly, Large Yellow Underwing, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Setaceous Hebrew Character and Silver-ground Carpet.

Some species of Primula are commonly known as polyanthus.

When tending the Primula obconica,wear rubber gloves to prevent from any skin allergy.

new carpet allergy

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Persian Oriental Rug. Magic Carpet Ride Cover.

Persian Oriental Rug

persian oriental rug

    oriental rug
  • An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile. Oriental-design rugs made by machine, made through hand-tufting or any method other than hand-knotting or hand-weaving are not considered authentic oriental rugs.

  • Handwoven or hand knotted rugs native to the Middle or Far East available in many patterns and known for their colorations. Many machine-made rugs, made using Oriental rug designs, are also referred to as Oriental rugs.

  • the language of Persia (Iran) in any of its ancient forms

  • Of or relating to ancient Persia or modern Iran or its people or language

  • Irani: a native or inhabitant of Iran; "the majority of Irani are Persian Shiite Muslims"

  • Iranian: of or relating to Iran or its people or language or culture; "Iranian mountains"; "Iranian security police"

persian oriental rug - Persian Flatweaves

Persian Flatweaves

Persian Flatweaves

This is the first comprehensive survey of the vast and fascinating subject of Persian flatweaves, and in particular floor covers. Previous publications on the subject have largely been dealers' restricted catalogues focusing on a narrow geographical area or the weavings of a particular group, or sections in more general books. This book thus fills a huge gap in the oriental carpet and textile literature. Flatweaves have until recently been seen as merely the products and property of the poor. Since the late 1960s, however, growing attention has been paid to the best known type of flatweave, the gelim, revealing both its quality and variety. Other flatweaves, such as the palas, which is no less frequently found than the gelim, have scarcely been mentioned in any of the literature published so far, yet are shown in this work to be objects of great beauty and diversity. The book is divided into two parts. The first deals with the cultural background to the subject. Drawing on literary sources as well

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Oriental Rug Persian Nain

Oriental Rug Persian Nain

100% hand-knotted in or near the city of Nain. The pile is wool with silk highlights, the foundation is cotton.
This is new & in perfect condition.
It measures 4' x 6' 7"
If you have a question please contact me thru flickr. mail or leave it in the comments.

Oriental Rug Persian Kirman

Oriental Rug Persian Kirman

In very good condition, this measures 4'9" x 2' 10".
Hand-knotted, wool pile, cotton foundation.
Enlarge this to check out the cool bird designs throughout this work of art.

If you have a question contact me thru flickr mail or leave it in comments please.

persian oriental rug

persian oriental rug

Your First 100 Words in Persian

A paperback original
Takes the intimidation out of learning a new language
In the Your First 100 Words In series, readers are shown how to decipher and read a new script by learning 100 primary words in a new language.
Covering the languages of Iran and Afghanistan, this new addition to the Your First 100 Words In series can be used by students as a supplement for their language courses, by parents as an introduction for young children, or by learners independently.

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