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Kazak Rug

kazak rug

    kazak rug
  • (Kazak Rugs) (Floor Covering) Caucasian, of coarse weave, Ghiordiz knot, coarse wool pile. Characteristic are the brilliant colours-red, green and yellow supported by blue, brown and white-and large bold patterns of many varieties. The border may have from three to five stripes.

kazak rug - Fiberlok Snowflake

Fiberlok Snowflake Kazak MouseRug, Hand Washable Mouse Pad & Desk Protector.

Fiberlok Snowflake Kazak MouseRug, Hand Washable Mouse Pad & Desk Protector.

Manufactured with the amazingly beautiful and intricate Lextra Fiber Graphics technology. Printed without using ink the Lextra process uses high voltage electricity to drive soft dyed nylon fibers into detailed designs that feel wonderfult to the touch. Hand-washable Lextra collections include MouseRugs (mouse pads), and CoasterRugs (coasters) that are manufactured with genuine fringe. Another well-defined group of Caucasian rugs comes from the famous Kazak area around Lake Sewan, in the southwest Caucasus. Field designs of Sewan Kazak rugs present various versions of large, dramatic, central, shield-like, cruciform medallions. Thus, they are also traditionally called Shield Kazaks. Bold and well proportioned, this example shows the addition of multiple, tiny, red and white diamonds, asymmetrically scattered throughout the field. This unique design is commonly called a "snowflake design," and is highly prized by antique Caucasian rug collectors.

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Antique Bakshaish Persian Rug #41942 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Bakshaish Persian Rug #41942 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Bakshaish Persian Rug #41942 by Nazmiyal Collection

Antique Bakshaish Persian Carpet (Bakhshaish or Bakhshaysh) - An allover pattern of bold, graphic medallions in soft reds, blues, apricots, and saffron unfolds across the deep cocoa field of this spectacular antique Bakshaish. Indeed the cocoa ground almost seems to form a secondary allover star pattern. Although all these design elements are of classical Persian derivation, the drawing and articulation the forms has the abstract clarity and impact of the finest Kazak or Konya rugs. The boldness of the field is beautifully balanced by the fine scale and drawing of the classical turtle border on an ivory ground. Bakshaishes are generally prized for such qualities, but even among its type, this example is exceptional.

Antique Kazak Prayer rug

Antique Kazak Prayer rug

ANTIQUE KAZAK PRAYER RUG dated 1873 (sold for €900) - September, 24th 2005

The Ebay buyer (an antique dealer) left the following feedback: "very beautiful rug. Fast shipping"

kazak rug

kazak rug

Handmade Asian Antique Caucasian Kazak Rug 4'3"x15'9"

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